Education is the foundation of this world.
A world that is changing at high speed with the rise of virtual experiences.
And a need for professional transformation on a regular basis, with new jobs emerging every day. 
Freelancing as a fundamental paradigm shift.
However, traditional education has remained stuck in the past.
Therefore, online education has not yet reached its full potential for excellence.

That's why we created Freeland.
To reinvent online learning experiences.
Freeland is the place where the online schools of tomorrow are created, using the benefits of what is offered to us today:
- Our star teachers are proven professionals
- Our star teachers are influent content creators
- Our star teachers are driven by the passion for sharing their knowledge
- Our learning programs are professional, accessible, and designed for accelerated transformation
- Our learning programs are built as cohort-based bootcamps : pre-recorded video courses + private written coaching + live group mentoring + corrected exercises +  peer-to-peer learning + a daily support community + active support for integration into the professional market... 
- Our tech learning platform is thought from A to Z as a virtual campus
- Our marketing techniques used to fill our schools are of the most sophisticated
- We use data to improve everything in our online schools: marketing performance, students satisfaction...

Through our futuristic online schools, Freeland wishes to offer freedom to all.
1. Students who will have access to their dream job, in their dream conditions.
2. Star teachers, who will finally be greatly rewarded for their work.
3. Partner companies, who will easily hire talents with "up to date" skills, who will be directly operational.

Join us to reinvent online education.


Corentin Lambert
Co-founder & Co-CEO

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After launching an online gambling platform where he experienced a meteoric growth and refused to raise funds, Corentin preferred to focus on his true passion { education } by co-founding JOIN FREELAND. Corentin brings his expertise in selling premium online products.

Sacha Benhamou
Co-founder & Co-CEO

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Before co-founding JOIN FREELAND, Sacha had already created several companies and lived an intense learning experience of several months as the right hand of a CEO. His mission today is to lead a team of passionate people to create a new vision of online education.

Benjamin Jolivot
Co-founder &  CMO

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Passionate about acquisition, his experiences in high ad spend e-commerce or at the Wagon (an international code bootcamp) have allowed him to master marketing. He now leads acquisition at JOIN FREELAND with a focus on recruiting students for our schools.

Floran Aubry
Co-founder & COO

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Floran is a passionate automator and a great thinker. His ability to find technical solutions in record time allows our school to perfectly operate from A to Z. According to Floran, no-code solutions are cardinal nowadays.

Guillaume Josset
Head of Sales

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Guillaume is a dedicated sales
whose goal is to help our schools fill up with students through his ability to sell, his management of the sales team and his implementation of sales sequences.

Maxime Blondel
Head of product

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Maxime crashed his first company, sold the second, and finally created 2 years ago The Secret Company, a startup studio, co-founder of more than 10 startups, which generates more than 10 million € of annual recurring revenues.

Pierre Paris
Head of automation

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Pierre is an engineer, passionate about process automation, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and No-Code. They use these skills to run the automation behind our sales methods. He also launched the Youtube channel "Paname Automatise".

Julian Ivaldy
Head of growth

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Julian is passionate about growth marketing. A skill that he has put to good use for many companies. Now, he helps Freeland schools to grow more and more.

Robin Seligmann
Sales & SEO

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In the past few years, Robin has developed a proven expertise in lead generation and sales. He co-founded 1001, a media group that helps small and medium-sized businesses generate leads at a lower cost. He is an expert in lead generation and passionate about sales.

Adams Salahou
Head of SEO

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As co-founder of SEO Secret, one of the most renowned SEO agencies in France, he works to attract qualified students through SEO in our schools.

Our culture

Education is the
cornerstone of everything
Build schools
students (really) want
People deserve a better online educative experience
Teachers should be
rewarded for their impact
Data beats
thoughts & opinions
Join our team to...

We’re looking for hungry individuals from across the globe to come and reinvent online education with us 🎡